The new Christopher Nolan film is being kept under wraps, but slight expectations are now in place.

Christopher Nolan‘s next film is perhaps the most anticipated film of next year. He’s one of the most popular filmmakers of the twenty-first century, with many hailing him as the master of the modern blockbuster. It’s actually a hard statement to disagree with, considering he’s the man responsible for such recent hits as DunkirkInterstellar and Inception. All three of these efforts qualify among the most exciting and visionary high-concept films of the last ten years. At present, it feels like he can be trusted to get on with any project without budgetary restrictions; this makes his forthcoming film a concept to desire. 

Most people have their favourite Nolan film, with The Dark KnightThe PrestigeMemento, Inception and Interstellar often being the most cited. If you’re a film fan, then it’s likely you consider (at least) one of these as something rather special. Yet, in the grander scheme of things, his entire body of work has been praised considerably. Even if one of his films hasn’t exactly made a profound impression, there will be many who it has impacted greatly.

It always seems a little unfair when you hear someone accuse the director of being cold for his characterisation. The most recent argument in favour of such a statement is that Dunkirk isn’t exactly a character piece; personally, it really didn’t need to be. The way that he dealt with the characters here felt frighteningly realistic, immersive and never manipulative. One only has to cast their minds back to Interstellar to remind themselves that Nolan is an emotionally attuned craftsman. 

Speaking of Interstellar, his new film may shape to be something in the vein of sci-fi rather, far from that of the war-drama. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the film is said to span the globe and involve the time continuum. Time is certainly a theme of Nolan’s work, so this does sound very aligned to his pre-occupations, although at the moment it’s a little vague. Rather than Interstellar, it seems like his forthcoming film will share more similarities with Inception than any of his other work, as we’re expecting an event movie with sci-fi elements, rather than the modest time-shifting mystery of Memento.

At this current stage, we expect Nolan to continue raising the bar, rather than returning to work with smaller budgets. We really wish we knew more about the project, but the mystery also reminds us of how fun blockbusters can be when they aren’t apart of a franchise or cinematic universe. It’s pretty fun being in the dark about it, but we do know that Robert Pattinson (Good Time), John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) and Elizabeth Debicki (Widows) are due to star. Honestly, though, all we really need to know is that Nolan’s at the helm; that’s enough to get anyone to buy a ticket. 

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