Randy Pitchford has responded to the review-bombing on Steam by saying he’s “kind of happy” 2K made Borderlands 3 an Epic Games store exclusive.

Fans’ excitement for the recently unveiled Borderlands 3 has quickly transitioned to rage thanks to the announcement about it being an Epic Games store exclusive until April 2020. This has resulted in the Borderlands community trying to review-bomb the franchise on Steam, which has led to Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford telling trolls to f**k off.

Yesterday, Pitchford poked the hornets’ nest by saying he was “kind of happy about 2K’s decision” to make Borderlands 3 an Epic Games store exclusive, and that the recent review-bombing attempt has made him want to reconsider Gearbox’s current publishing posture on Steam.

A “troll” responded by saying the review-bombing wouldn’t have happened if there was no exclusivity deal, to which Pitchford “kindly” said, “f**k off”. Review-bombing is never the right way for disgruntled gamers to make their voices heard, but someone at Gearbox or 2K really should tell Pitchford to stop feeding the “trolls”.

Borderlands 3 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games store on September 13.

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