If you’re finding World War Z too easy, the game’s AI director will ramp up the difficulty by forcing you to confront a colossal horde of zombies.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is the month’s biggest game, but you still won’t want to pass up on World War Z as it looks like a lot of fun judging by the newest trailer. While Days Gone promises to be a “pretty hard” game, the latest gameplay overview trailer for World War Z says that the title’s AI director adjusts the difficulty depending on your experience.

If you’re finding things too easy, the trailer suggests there’ll be a bombardment of zombies right around the corner. Meanwhile, if you’re low on supplies, the game will provide an additional auto turret or mortar.

The commentary from the game’s creative director also explains that there is a variety of episodes in unique and striking locales. Every episode is said to have their own overarching story, with there being three chapters made up of focused objectives such as boarding a hijacked train and escaping by sea.

World War Z is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16.

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