10 best "Game of Thrones" episodes to rewatch before season 8

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We take a look at the 10 best episodes in Game of Thrones so far

The final season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us and winter is truly coming but what are the best episodes of the show to rewatch before season 8

Fear not, as we've prepared a list of what we believe are the 10 best episodes in the show's history. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead for seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones.

Before we begin, one thing to point out is that this list will be in episode order rather than as a ranking as all the episodes mentioned are incredibly brilliant and it's too difficult to choose between them.

Without any further ado however, let us proceed. 

1. Baelor

Game Of Thrones Ned Stark Death

Season 1 Episode 9

We begin our list with the episode that set Game of Thrones apart from the rest of the TV rabble.

Baelor is the penultimate episode of the very first season of the hit HBO show and is on this list for one simple reason. The death of Ned Stark. All throughout the first season of Game of Thrones, Sean Bean's Ned Stark is the main character of the show and it, therefore, came as a massive shock to everyone watching to see the show's main character killed off before the end of the first season. 

From that moment on, no character was safe. It's one of the biggest draws of Game of Thrones, despite how prominent any of the characters are, there is always the fear that they could be killed off without a second thought and Baelor was the episode that really started it all.

2. Fire and Blood

Game Of Thrones Fire And Blood

Season 1 Episode 10

Continuing our list we come to the final episode in season one, Fire and Blood

This episode naturally continues the story threads from episode nine but its inclusion on this list comes from its very last shot.

After a whole series of carting around these three 'long-dormant' Dragon eggs, Daenerys Targaryen appears to kill herself when she walks into the funeral pyre of her late husband Khal Drogo. Lord of the friend zone himself, Jorah Mormont, believes Dany's actions will leave her dead. 

What no one expected to see though was Daenerys emerge from the ashes of the huge fire, completely unscathed. Not only that but to emerge from the flames with three newborn Dragons!

Six seasons later and the Dragons in question are now fully-grown and capable of incredible acts of fire-breathing destruction.    

3. Blackwater

Game Of Thrones Battle Of Blackwater

Season 2 Episode 9

The penultimate episode of season two gives us our first real battle sequence in the series.

Season one and most of season two shied away from massive action set-pieces. That was until Blackwater changed the game.

The battle scene, which lasts for most of the episode, was so huge that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had to ask the series' producers for extra funding to give the episode the polish it deserved.

Not only do we get some incredible action but Tyrion comes out with one of the most inspirational speeches seen in the show.  

4. The Rains of Castamere

Game Of Thrones The Red Wedding

Season 3 Episode 9

If the death of Ned Stark was bad enough in season one, fans had another thing coming in episode nine of season three, The Rains of Castamere

After seemingly earning a hard-fought peace, Robb Stark, his wife, unborn child and mother are all viciously murdered at the hands of the conniving Walder Frey, Roose Bolton and Lannisters at the ill-fated Red Wedding.

Even people who haven't seen the show have heard about the traumatic events that transpire in this episode and that speaks volumes about just how shocking Game of Thrones is.

The Red Wedding is a truly harrowing scene that has left many fans of the show scarred for life and yet we still keep coming back to this show for more. 

5. The Lion and the Rose

Game Of Thrones The Purple Wedding

Season 4 Episode 2

While most deaths in Game of Thrones sadden the audience as one of their favourite characters bites the dust, there are some fatalities in the show that are just plain satisfying.

The Lion and the Rose offers up just that, the death of King Joffrey. 

For over three seasons, the blond-haired maniac has terrorised the people of King's Landing, most notably his initial bride-to-be Sansa Stark and his uncle Tyrion.

So it gives us unbridled satisfaction to see the horrible weasel get his just desserts as he's murdered at his own wedding.

While his death sees the back of one monster however, it paves the way for another to take his place in time. 

6. The Mountain and the Viper

Game Of Thrones The Mountain And The Viper

Season 4 Episode 8

We don't get that much time to enjoy season 4's biggest addition to the Game of Thrones cast, Pedro Pascal's Oberyn Martell.

The Dornish prince takes the fourth season and King's Landing by storm as he embarks on his quest for revenge against The Mountain himself, Gregor Clegane. 

His time in the Westerosi capital comes to an abrupt end in episode eight of season four, The Mountain and the Viper

The climax of this episode alone warrants a place on this list as it's surely the most gruesome death in all seven seasons of the show so far. 

7. Hardhome

Game Of Thrones Night King

Season 5 Episode 8

Hardhome deserves its place on this list for one reason alone. It's the first real time we see the destructive power of the Night King's army of the dead.

As Jon Snow and the Night's Watch attempt to save their sworn enemy, the Wildlings, their rescue attempt is interrupted by the arrival of the undead horde. 

It offers a stark reminder that all of the squabbles over the much sought-after Iron Throne will mean absolutely nothing if the army of the dead cannot be defeated.

We're also left with one of the defining shots of the whole show when the Night King, standing on the shore, stares down Jon Snow as he reanimates the corpses of all those who have just fallen in battle.

8. Battle of the Bastards

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards

Season 6 Episode 9

If we were indeed ranking these episodes, season six's Battle of the Bastards would almost certainly take the top spot.

The episode sees our hero, Jon Snow, face off against the show's current big-bag, Ramsay Bolton, in a battle that would see the Starks reclaim their home of Winterfell.

What we get is arguably one of the best battle scenes in all of film and TV combined.

The personal stakes, the strategic game playing, the visceral nature of the action. All of that rolled into one makes for an episode that is truly without equal.

Time will tell if season eight can offer anything that can top the Battle of the Bastards.

9. The Winds of Winter

Game Of Thrones The Sept Of Baelor

Season 6 Episode 10 

Something we can all agree on is that in terms of its death toll, Game of Thrones is fairly high.

However, there is one episode that stands above any other for killing off more major characters in the series so far. That episode is The Winds of Winter.

In the opening minutes alone, five properly major characters are killed off without a second thought and another three recurring characters are offed at the same time. 

It has to go down as the most explosive episode in the show's history and completely changes the dynamic of the series going forward. 

Not only that, but the Winds of Winter is also the episode where we learn Jon Snow's true lineage. 

It's a truly bonkers episode and it manages to squeeze in so much juicy goodness that it just had to go on this list.

Honourable Mentions

Game Of Thrones Tyrion

Of course, any top 10 list would be incomplete without a few honourable mentions.

The Laws of Gods and Men - S4 E6

This episode gives us one of the best speeches in the show from fan-favourite, Tyrion Lannister.

The Watchers on the Wall - S4 E9

The penultimate episode of season four shows the Night's Watch in full flow as they defend Castle Black from a horde of Wildlings.

The Door - S6 E5

And The Door gives us arguably the saddest, most tragic and most heroic death in all of Game of Thrones. 

10. The Dragon and the Wolf

Game Of Thrones The Ice Dragon

Season 7 Episode 7

And finally, we come to the most recent episode of them all, the finale of season seven, The Dragon and the Wolf.

This episode packs a serious punch and gives us the long-awaited first meeting of Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister, the two Queens vying for control of Westeros.

We also get to see the long-overdue death of the mischievous Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish and the episode also reveals the true relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys, all momentous events that would steal the show in any other episode.

However, they're all overshadowed by the cliffhanger climax of the episode which leads us not-so-nicely to the start of season 8 which is now less than two weeks away!

Winter is here.

Game of Thrones: White Walkers

What did you make of our selection, are there any of your favourite episodes we missed out?

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