Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone has been described as a “pretty hard” game.

Days Gone, Sony’s only confirmed AAA exclusive for the year so far, is right around the corner so gamers naturally want to know more about Bend Studio’s upcoming game. While fans will be pleased that it has a huge open-world and that it has been upgraded rather than downgraded, certain gamers will also be thrilled to hear that – although it has difficulty settings – it’s “pretty hard”.

Speaking to Game Informer back in May 2018, director Jeff Ross said, “The game itself is already pretty hard” and that “It’s not very good when it’s easy”. Ross additionally said the studio would’ve given “too much away for free by having an easy mode”, but according to a more recent Game Informer preview, the developers have softened on this stance as players can now modify how unrelenting the experience is.

While it’s disappointing difficulty settings have been implemented, fans needn’t worry about it being too easy as the game is described as a high risk, high reward experience that demands players learn and adapt.

In other Days Gone news, the PS4 exclusive has the “slickest” menus since Persona 5, and there has been a slight overreaction to the inclusion of child-like zombies.

As for Sony and their PlayStation roster, the weapon upgrades UI for The Last Of Us Part 2 has been briefly shown, and Atlus has teased “new Phantom Thieves” for Persona 5 S.