Atlus’ official website for the rumoured Persona 5 S Nintendo Switch port has a hidden calling card that teases “new Phantom Thieves”.

Atlus only just teased an announcement for Persona 5 S yesterday, and already the community is split thanks to the title’s mysterious nature. While some reckon it’s the Nintendo Switch port rumoured to be unveiled before May and released in Fall 2019, others reckon it could be an entirely new spin-off thanks to the Phantom Thieves’ hidden calling card on the domain’s official website.

On the official Persona 5 S website, there’s a hidden calling card found within the website’s source code.

According to Persona series translator @MysticDistance, the Phantom Thieves’ calling card suggests Atlus will “show you new Phantom Thieves that will overturn the world’s cognition and perceptions”. It’s impossible to infer exactly what Atlus mean by “new Phantom Thieves”, but perhaps they’re referring to the mysterious female that was focused on in the Persona 5 Royal teaser.

Best Buy has supposedly leaked that Persona 5 is, in fact, being published on Switch by Nintendo, but there’s no knowing if it’s an extended cut, a spin-off, or simply the original version released on PlayStation 4 back in 2017. With Best Buy having also leaked Joker’s render for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, their leaked listing has credibility.

Although Persona 5 S might not be Atlus’ Switch port, the Phantom Thieves joining Nintendo’s console has always been likely thanks to Joker joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Colosseum. While Persona 5 on Switch may simply be a port of the original, it’s still possible Nintendo gamers could get a new cast seeing as a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate datamine back in February hinted at there being a female Joker.

Atlus will reveal exactly what Persona 5 S is on April 25 during the second day of their Persona Super Live Concert. Anything said until then is pure speculation, but here’s hoping S is the Switch port the internet is banking on.

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