A Quiet Place is getting a sequel and has added a huge name to its cast, can he help the film succeed?

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place was 2018’s best horror flick and stunned cinema goers with its unusual lack of noise that made for a delightfully frightening and unique experience. 

After its resounding success, a sequel was always going to be in the works and it was revealed over the weekend that Cillian Murphy, of Peaky Blinders fame, has been added to the cast of the horror follow-up.

Murphy will join the returning cast of the first film which includes Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. 

Plot details surrounding the sequel remain unknown as of yet but Murphy is believed to be playing a mysterious new character who joins the first film’s family in their quest to survive.

Director and star of A Quiet Place, John Krasinski is set to return to write and direct the sequel which is currently slated to hit cinemas in May 2020.

Now, while 2018’s A Quiet Place was a brilliantly different take on the horror genre, can a sequel replicate that success a second time around? 

One of the biggest draws surrounding the first film was its premise. You make a sound and you die. It led to a thoroughly riveting experience and brought an eery silence to cinema screenings that are usually awash with the sound of talking and popcorn munching.

While that made for a truly brilliant one-off film, a sequel that relies on the same premise runs the risk of falling prey to the law of diminishing returns.

What John Krasinski and co. need to do is put a different spin on the film, to differentiate it from 2018’s original. Think how James Cameron brought a more-action oriented take to the Alien franchise in 1986’s Aliens.

There is definitely scope for another Quiet Place film to capture audiences in the same manner but it will need to go beyond the first film’s original premise.

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