The Child’s Play 2019 remake casts Mark Hamill as Chucky, but do the franchise veterans approve?

The Child’s Play franchise is one of the most iconic and beloved in horror history. Tom Holland‘s 1988 original – Child’s Play – arrived in 1988 and introduced audiences to a genre icon; Chucky. Holland’s film told the sinister tale of a serial killer trapped inside the body of a child’s doll in search of a new host. The film quickly gained a cult following of which grew to expand considerably. In fact, it transitioned from a cult property into a pop-culture cornerstone. Who in this day and age does not recognise the menacing doll by name? 

Child’s Play was succeeded by two sequels – Child’s Play 2 and Child’s Play 3 –  in 1990 and 1991 respectively. When watched in succession, there is a clear progression of a comedic tone. Chucky began life as a frightening entity, only to become much more darkly humorous as time went by. This is also true of A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger. However, this was something that truly characterised the tone of the series in the fourth instalment, 1998’s Bride of Chucky

Most appeared to enjoy the change in direction, although it proved problematic when 2004’s Seed of Chucky rolled around. The franchise lay dormant for a while, and since we have witnessed a string of underwhelming, generic efforts which seemingly aimed to take the series back to its roots. Instead, the character has fallen off the map for those who don’t consider themselves devoted Chucky fans. However, the release of Child’s Play, Lars Klevberg‘s upcoming remake, looks set to change that. Notable stars such as Aubrey Plaza are on board, and recently it was announced that Mark Hamill would voice the killer doll. So, what do the franchise heavies think?

It was reported by SlashFilm quite a while ago now that the creator of the series – Don Mancini – was unhappy with the proposed reboot. He has been pretty hesitant to discuss the project, so it’s unlikely that he’ll make his opinions on Hamill’s casting public. Mancini made his general stance clear on Twitter last year when he posted a certain tweet:

It’s certainly one way of expressing your distaste and a pretty effective way to prevent a bombardment of further questions. Although it seemed somewhat of a bad omen that Mancini’s disapproval of the film was evident, since then, the original film’s director – Tom Holland – has voiced his brief satisfaction with the news of Hamill’s casting:

Honestly, it would be difficult to disagree. Casting Hamill certainly appears to be a smart move, as he is often credited for providing the best depiction of the Joker for his voice role on Batman: The Animated Series. The announcement has helped raise excitement for the project significantly; as it stands, it could very well be the best instalment since Holland’s 1988 original. 

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