As the Avengers: Endgame release date draws closer, the cast talk about heartbreak, defeat and hope.

Avengers: Endgame is almost here and our hopes couldn’t be higher. However, hope is rather difficult for our characters to sustain; Avengers: Infinity War concluded with their dramatic defeat. Fans have been following the MCU since 2008’s Iron Man, fully aware that casualties would be unavoidable as the franchise grew more and more ambitious. Yet, the sheer devastation prevalent in the conclusion of the Avengers’ third outing still took us by surprise. How could a blockbuster end on such a bleak note?

We are still hopeful that the remaining characters can reverse the snap in the next instalment, although, it may not be that easy. Thanos is unlike any villain we have encountered before, and his confidence sent fear pulsing through the bodies of both his audience and his victims. After witnessing his power, the mad titan’s victory could actually be a painful possibility. We’re unsure what to expect, all we know is that we’ll be there on opening night to witness the shocking culmination of just over a decade’s worth of explosive superhero fare. 

The trailers have been phenomenal, as they’ve peaked our intrigue yet managed not to spoil anything significant; as the best trailers should do. On the other hand, a recent featurette with the Avengers: Endgame cast has nurtured our understanding of the narrative stakes at play here:

“Everyone’s doing their best to keep their head above water,” confesses Chris Evans, who – as you very well know – portrays Captain America. “But, it’s kind of a losing battle. We lost, and we’re not used to losing.” As the trailers have also suggested, this heavy sense of loss and defeat will radiate through the hearts and minds of our beloved characters, poisoning their consciousness into feeling worthless. As we know, this cannot continue, and they have to overcome and fight. 

The trailer featurette conveys the inevitability that the Avengers: Infinity War conclusion has toughened them all up but also enhanced their interior vulnerability; as Evans says, the squad simply aren’t used to losing. It was such a daring move for the Russo’s to make – how often do we see our heroes lose and the credits roll? Those who were in the audience opening night will remember the heavy sense of dread as audiences struggled to get to their feet in utter bewilderment. 

Along with trailers and promotional material, the featurette communicates foremostly that this will be the tensest and starkest MCU offering to date, as things simply aren’t the same anymore. The Avengers lost and they now need to win more than ever before. After that last conclusion, we’re expecting casualties, tears, heartache, and of course, a mammoth blockbuster which will cement itself in cinema history. 

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