Rob Zombie is fuelling excitement yet again for his forthcoming film 3 From Hell.

3 From Hell is without a doubt one of the most anticipated horror films of the year. The films of Rob Zombie are not for everyone, but that seems to be the point; the inspiration for his craft. He makes films for his fans, and this largely conforms to a certain demographic, of which unquestionably appreciates the director’s efforts. Zombie hasn’t exactly had the easiest time getting his projects off the ground and into production, but nevertheless, his passion to see them materialise overcomes obstacles. His upcoming film is the latest example. 

Primarily known as a musician, the American icon began directing music videos to accompany his group’s singles. As a result of incorporating an abundance of horror iconography, it seems he thought to himself “hmm, what about my own horror movie?” Everything from his stage persona to his lyricism identifies the frontman as a genre lover, so it was no surprise that his feature debut – House of 1000 Corpses – turned out to be a riotous homage.

Essentially a love letter to Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the film triggered its own aspirational franchise and earned a sequel in 2005 with The Devil’s Rejects. He swapped the music video aesthetic for a more formal approach and attracted more audiences as a result. His career as a filmmaker was firmly established.

Since helming HalloweenHalloween IIThe Lords of Salem and 31, fans have been pleading for a third film in the proposed Firefly family trilogy. Due to the narrative restrictions posed by the ending of The Devil’s Rejects, it couldn’t have been easy to pen a satisfying script. Yet, Zombie has been in production on the sequel for some time now and has been teasing it ever since. Expectations are high, but then again, no one really knows what they’re getting into with this one. Fortunately, the director has taken to Instagram to tease it:

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In one of the posts, we can clearly see the family referred to as “the devil’s rejects” on a news channel. This could be the news report announcing their grisly death at the end of the previous film, but the image suggests that this could be announcing their return – after all, that’s what the film is going to be about. The question is, how do they return? The exposure on the news image gives the individuals a ghostly presence, perhaps suggesting that they are – or at least, were – believed to be dead.

Much of what we have seen thus far teases the family’s incarceration, so maybe this Instagram post teases their escape. That is unless our prediction that the film will be a prison movie isn’t proved to be the case. If we were to gather something from this image, and indeed Zombie’s decision to show us this image, it’s that the group have come back. Where have they been? Will Zombie actually show them in hell? 

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