"Avengers: Endgame" theories and spoilers — who will beat Thanos?

Avengers: Infinity War dir. Anthony and Joe Russo 2018

Avengers: Endgame is set to usher in phase four of the MCU but how badly will phase three conclude?

Phase three of the MCU has been regarded by fans as the best yet and it's difficult to dispute. Audiences often assert that it brought us the greatest Spider-Man, the best Thor film, the best Avengers instalment and let's not forget the acclaimed new additions of Black Panther and Captain Marvel. The phase has rewarded audiences for their patience with some truly spectacular blockbusters, but in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War, the future looks very bleak. 

Of course, the most recent MCU effort was not Infinity War, but Captain Marvel. However, the latter was set in the nineties long before the events of the Avengers' struggles, tackling Carol Danvers' origin story before she joins forces with the other heroes in Avengers: Endgame. Thanos' wrath has been teased throughout the MCU, which meant that his first substantial outing was always going to be met with high hopes; Infinity War certainly didn't disappoint. The mad titan has already been hailed as the MCU's most engaging and rounded villain, and the studio bravely allowed him to win in what may be the most daring blockbuster conclusion in years. Thanos returned to his farm successful.

Half of the population has now been wiped from existence and it's up to the remaining heroes to reverse the snap and resurrect their fallen allies and billions of innocent victims. Avengers: Endgame will serve to explore the outcome of their efforts, and after the last instalment, the stakes are higher than ever before. Audiences are well aware that some of their favourite characters may never come back but are also hopeful that they will. The film will usher in phase four of the MCU and trigger a new series of sequels and first-time solo-ventures; the question is, who will survive to lead the phase?

With contracts soon coming to a close and actors wishing to pursue other work, it looks like phase four will be held down primarily by the likes of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Black Panther, allowing such heavy-hitters as Iron Man and Captain America to go out gracefully, or contrarily, heartbreakingly. Characters we have spent years chronicling could fall under Thanos' power in Endgame, and we suspect that the final showdown will occur centre stage on Thanos' farm with the ironically idyllic backdrop of heavenly skies and greenery. Life and death demanding prevalence over the screen. 

There has been an emphasis on the villain's farm since we left the cinemas in awe of Infinity War. Obviously, the narrative ended with Thanos looking out peacefully at a land forever changed by his actions, soaking in the silence. Now, the Empire Magazine subscriber cover highlights him looking out across the beautiful landscape. It's an image of victory and peace, but we are aware of the catastrophic truth.

Endgame may not be as action-packed as Infinity War, but instead, we could witness a gradual struggle to regain power, ending at Thanos' farm. In fact, the trailers suggest that he may not even be in it until the end, making a final showdown there even more impactful. It's uncertain, but all of this speculation has made Avengers: Endgame the most anticipated movie event of 2019. 

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