"Dune" set revealed — will Denis Villeneuve’s new film succeed?

Dune dir. Denis Villeneuve 2020

The upcoming Dune reboot has everything going for it, as did past failures.

Frank Herbert's Dune was unleashed onto the world in 1965 and quickly became regarded as one of the greatest literary works of science-fiction. The narrative concerns warring families in dispute over attempts to monopolise resources. One of these is the Atreides family, who after acquiring the sandy globe are double-crossed, not only by other power-hungry families but the Emperor himself. While in hiding, the young Paul Atreides becomes a crucial component of a greater prophecy. 

The complex narrative of Dune has captivated and inspired so many over the decades, particularly filmmakers. Numerous have envisioned making it, including the likes of Ridley Scott and Alejandro Jodorowsky; the latter's attempts were even explored in the 2013 documentary, Jodorowsky's Dune. Despite their misfortune, director David Lynch actually managed to unveil a feature film exploring the novel, or so it seemed. The popular cult filmmaker has since distanced himself from the 1984 project, asserting that studio interference suffocated his vision for the story. It's actually clear watching it that Lynch was essentially observing the production, rather than taking the active role he clearly took with his surrounding work. 

Now, many years later, we will see Denis Villeneuve tackle the prestigious source material. Herbert's fans are already anticipating the film to be the long-awaited worthy adaptation it deserves. Why? Frankly, it's because of Villeneuve, as his two most recent efforts have led to his regard as one of sci-fi's modern masters; Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Nobody expected that a sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 classic Blade Runner would turn out so well, and yet, some have even expressed that they feel it's superior to the original. Villeneuve's experience with the genre has been contemplative, intelligent and visually mind-blowing. Dune will be his third venture into it and maybe his most grandiose. Can it fail?

He has directed the likes of SicarioEnemyPrisoners and Incendies, but it appears he is intent to continue exploring sci-fi narratives. What is immediately apparent is that his projects are growing increasingly ambitious. For a long time, some have believed that Dune's tale is better left within the confines of the page, not to be swept up into other mediums.

Yet - after Blade Runner 2049 - it's obvious that Villeneuve is confident enough to approach the novel, and similarly, the film's stunning ensemble are confident to accompany him into this bewildering world. Already, so many names are attached to the project; Oscar IsaacJason MomoaRebecca FergusonJosh BrolinTimothée ChalametDave BautistaJavier BardemStellan SkarsgårdCharlotte Rampling and more. 

With great source material, a great director and a great cast, it's looking very hopeful. However, there's still more. ScreenRant reports that Hans Zimmer will compose the film's score, after having worked on Blade Runner 2049. Filming has officially begun, so we can expect to see plenty more news flooding in as the production wages on.


Denis Villeneuve's Dune could be one of the biggest event movies of 2020, but more importantly, the big screen adaptation that Herbert's beloved novel deserves. 

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