The new CS:GO update for March 19th replaces Cobblestone with Vertigo in the Competitive map pool.

There’s yet another CS:GO March update. Earlier ths week, changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made the AUG more expensive and gave the M4A1-S more ammo. The new update for 19th March adds Vertigo to the Competitive map pool in place of Cobblestone. Here’s more on the CS:GO Vertigo Update.

CS:GO Vertigo Update – changes to Vertigo

Vertigo is a classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map that was out of the game for a while. Recently, it came back in the form of a Wingman map. Now, it’s back in the Competitive map pool.

There have been some significant changes to the map. There are many more obstacles to give players more cover. The routes to both A and B have also changed.

T spawn has been moved closer to the stairs. The original spawn leads to a path to the A bombsite.

Players will likely find it harder to rush on this map. However, there are now more routes to get to the bomb sites as opposed to just ramp.

Vertigo is now available for Competitive play. Cobblestone is out of the Competitive map pool, although you can still play it in Casual or Deathmatch mode.

Overpass and Nuke are now in Defusal Group Sigma. Cobblestone and Vertigo are in Defusal Group Delta.

CS:GO scoreboard changes – Loss Bonus

There’s also a slight change to the CS:GO scoreboard. On the far right of the scoreboard, you can now see your team’s loss bonus. This will tell you how much money you’ll make for the next round.

The recent CS:GO economy updates make it so teams will have more buy rounds. This new change to the scoreboard makes it easier for players to track how much they should be spending.

There have also been some other slight changes and bug fixes. A black screen issue with the -d3d9ex command is now fixed. There have also been improvements to CS:GO Danger Zone, including improved matchmaking times and the ability to find your teammate after the match.

You can view the full list of changes in the CS:GO patch notes.