Christopher Nolan’s next project — what do we know about the 2020 movie?

Director Christopher Nolan attends the Rendezvous With Christopher Nolan photocall during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 12, 2018 in Cannes, France.

Christopher Nolan's next film is already hotly anticipated and news has arrived to keep us excited.

Christopher Nolan's new film is already attracting speculation. Arguably, the most exciting blockbusters year-in-year-out are apart of a wider franchise or property. Nolan - of course - broke into blockbuster territory, tackling the universally acclaimed The Dark Knight trilogy, but also he has proved that general audiences are just as interested in original films. Rather than selling a film on the merit of its role in a wider series or franchise, Nolan is able to sell his films successfully as a result of his attachment. 

At this point, the release of a Nolan film is somewhat of an event. In the same way that many feel they have to see the latest instalment of the MCU, they also regard the director's output as imperative. Arguably, he's the most widely popular filmmaker of the twenty-first century and has certainly garnered the most respect from numerous demographics; this is because he boasts diversity. His last two films - 2014's Interstellar and 2017's Dunkirk - are very different, yet you could say they're both clearly the work of the same individual. His directorial style is so confident, grand and expansive, with both films exhibiting this. 

Recently, it was announced that he would be helming a romantic-thriller which conformed to something along the lines of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest and his own film, Inception. However, this was quickly debunked and fans were once again left to ponder the director's next move. Honestly, we want to see Nolan continue to explore cinema and its genres, so it would be terrific if he was attached to a western or even a gothic-horror project. Something unexpected. 

So, what is he doing? Well, as we thought, the filmmaker is keeping plot details firmly under wraps for his eleventh effort. However, Empire reports that we can anticipate "a big action blockbuster that will once again find the director shooting in IMAX." It's not exactly revelatory information, but we'll take it. It means that we won't see the director strip down and work with minimal resources. After all, he is one of the biggest directors in Hollywood right now; why not use it to your advantage and make explosive cinema. 

Fuelling speculation is recent news from Empire that John David Washington has been cast. He is the first performer to be attached to the project and it's currently in pre-production; hopefully, this means more casting and details are on the way. Washington impressed audiences last year in Spike Lee's deeply disturbing yet highly entertaining BlacKkKlansman, while also starring in The Old Man & the GunMonster and Monsters and Men.

He's a great choice; we just wish we knew what exactly it was he's signed up for. It's a Christopher Nolan project... I guess that's all we have to know to be excited. 

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