Square Enix has confirmed at GDC 2019 that their free Critical Mode update is coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon.

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is a great game, but – although there are drawbacks fans refuse to admit – the title was moderately criticised for being way too easy. So, in addition to director Tetsuya Nomura having already confirmed that Critical Mode will be added through a free update, fans will be pleased to know that co-director Tai Yasue has confirmed at GDC 2019 that critical mode is coming very soon, and will be more than enemies simply having a value change.

Per Gameinformer, Yasue said critical mode is for those who are “good at action games” and “timing attacks” because the experience is “more technical and offensive”. The skill required will apparently change the way you play the game, so hopefully I and others will no longer simply be able to defeat waves of enemies and bosses with ease by spamming magic.

Yasue unfortunately didn’t announce a release date, but the wait shouldn’t be too long, and hopefully Critical Mode succeeds in making Kingdom Hearts 3 as profoundly difficult as Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.

In other Square Enix news, a King Mickey Organization XIII plush is available to pre-order for a whopping fee, and the creator of Gravity Falls once called the Final Fantasy and Disney crossover a cynical abomination that proves God doesn’t exist.

Tetsuya Nomura also explained why Final Fantasy was absent from the third instalment despite character models having been made, and the director has also suggested there will be another spin-off before Kingdom Hearts 4