Jordan Peele has a busy schedule ahead but what’s on the horizon for his third feature?

Jordan Peele has done it again with Us. Critics are heaping praise onto the film, considering it a more than worthy follow-up to Peele’s 2017 directorial debut Get Out. After the success of his first film, audiences were left to wait patiently for a film being sold as somewhat of a spiritual sequel. It’s always difficult to follow up a debut; some filmmakers have done so with ease, whereas others have gradually faded into obscurity after showcasing such promise. 

It’s satisfying to say that Peele has overcome obstacles and delivered a project destined to be discussed and praised just as much as Get Out. Similarly, the director pursues themes of race and more, doing so within the horror genre to effectively convey a heightened nightmarish reality. He’s a truly creative individual and now he has leapt over this significant hurdle, we can again begin to anticipate his next move. 

First off, let’s consider what we can expect in the near future. He is attached as executive producer and narrator on this year’s The Twilight Zone reboot, of which will surely share commonalities with the likes of Get Out and Us. The series will hopefully offer bizarre and thought-provoking social commentary, primarily delivering episodic genre tales with a disturbing twist. Peele is also set to executive produce the upcoming Candyman remake, which will feature the great Lakeith Stanfield, of whom he has previously worked with.

It seems it’ll be a busy year, as he’s also set to star in animation Wendell and Wild, a horror-comedy from Henry Selick (Coraline). This will also feature long-term collaborator Keegan-Michael Key and tell the story of two demon brothers in conflict with a nun and a pair of teen goths.

That’s not all. He is also attached to produce new drama TV series The Hunt, which focused on a group of Nazi Hunters pursuing revenge and justice in the 1970s. So, we know we can expect a wide variety of projects from Jordan Peele in the near future, but what of his third feature? That’s what we are truly anticipating. 

As previously mentioned, Us was billed as a spiritual sequel to Get Out, and since its release, critics have taken it upon themselves to draw comparisons and contrast between the two works. Although there are similarities, there are of course deviations; fortunately, it’s clearly from the mind of Jordan Peele, a mind we hope to be exploring for years to come. It would be wise to assume that he will stop with this. A spiritual sequel to both Get Out and Us is more than likely on the cards. 

What we can expect is an unofficial trilogy which will surely be coined by critics once the third film finally lands. Peele is clearly keen to continue exploring the horror genre, but who knows, after his first three features we could see him branch out into other areas. After all, even the greatest horror directors have explored other avenues. Nevertheless, audiences are expecting a loose conclusion to a potential trilogy with Peele’s third feature – one to round off this overarching statement concerning the current state of race relations in America. Whatever it is, we’ll be there to pay it our full attention, along with everybody else. 

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