"Kingdom Hearts 3" – Organization XIII King Mickey plush is how much?!

Kingdom Hearts 3 POC Photo Mode

With Kingdom Hearts 3 having come and gone, you can now pre-order Square Enix's Organization XIII King Mickey plush for a whopping fee.

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is a good game that pretty much serves its purpose in providing a thrilling adventure while subconsciously making people want to purchase all the Disney movies on Blu-ray, as well book a holiday to Disneyland and buy every piece of merchandise plastered with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Sora’s marketable faces. Mind you none of these items are cheap, as demonstrated by the Organization XIII King Mickey plush you can now pre-order for $44.99.

Kingdom Hearts 3 King Mickey Orgnaization XIII Plush

As you can see in the image above, the item is an ordinary Mickey Mouse plush that simply includes a goth hoodie so you can take him smoking with his hood up. Perhaps this is what the creator of Gravity Falls meant when he said the sight of Mickey Mouse in a goth hoodie is a cynical abomination that proves God doesn’t exist.

If you fancy pre-ordering an ordinary Mickey Mouse plush that merely has an unzipped hoodie sewn to his body, then click here.

In other Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts 3 news, Tetsuya Nomura has explained why Star Wars and The Avengers were impossible to include, as well as explained why Final Fantasy was absent despite character models being made. The director has also hinted at there being another spin-off before Kingdom Hearts 4, and the voice actor for Olaf in the Japanese version is being replaced.

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