The latest mod for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake replaces Claire and Mr. X with Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis and Jill Valentine.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake has been the subject of about a dozen mods. There’s mods that make Leon and Claire nude, there’s one that humiliates Mr. X with a speedo, and there’s another that ruins the game by removing the Tyrant from the RCPD. There’s also a mod that replaces Claire with Marvel’s latest marketing tool, Captain Marvel, but now there’s a mod that gives us a short-term solution to satisfy our want for a Resident Evil 3 remake.

Created by modder Zero, you can replace Mr. X with an actual Nemesis model that plays the original Nemesis soundtrack from the 1990 title. Meanwhile, EvilLord has redesigned Claire Redfield so she sports Jill Valentine’s iconic outfit and hairdo. You can download the Nemesis mod by clicking here, and the Jill Valentine cosplay here.

Of course, this is only a short-term solution to appease our want for a remake of Resident Evil 3. However, the good news is that Capcom are supposedly planning to satisfy our wants before launching the inevitable Resident Evil 8.

In other Capcom news, there’s a Devil May Cry 5 mod that adds a Japanese exclusive Devil Breaker, and the team responsible for Claire and Leon’s return to the land of the dead have shared a new “jump-scare” enemy type that definitely should’ve made it into the remake.