Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 has three playable protagonists in Nero, V, and Dante, but who is the best?

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 is a fantastic experience that more than makes up for Ninja Theory’s supposed bastardisation of Dante. The music is wicked, the visuals are striking, the boss fights are insane, and the combat is stylish, smokin’, and sexy. In addition, the three main protagonists Nero, V, and Dante are all likeable hunks you wouldn’t mind braving Hot Topic with. However, which is the best demon slayer?

In order to avoid major spoilers, this ranking will simply pass judgement based on the characters’ appearances, personalities, and how satisfying they are to control.

Nero – S

Nero is who you start off with in Devil May Cry 5, and he’s a pretty likeable chap. Granted, he’s no Dante, but he’s still a charming whipper snapper who arguably has the best battle music thanks to Casey and Ali Edwards’ adrenaline pumping Devil Trigger accompanying him in the first few chapters. His combos and moveset are pretty easy to master, and his Devil Breakers are stunning causes of mayhem that will always get you out of trouble in a jiffy.

The only slight against Nero is that there’s a predictable twist surrounding him, and he’s essentially a pale imitation of Dante. He’s still amusing and incredibly fun to control, but nothing about him stands out compared to his superior other. Plus, while Dante outshines him when introduced later on, Nico hogs the spotlight from the very beginning with her hypnotising appearance and rough Southern accent. The bizarre duo make an awesome pair, but it’s the techno-geek people will fall head over heels for.

V – SS 

My superficial glances at V always made me sceptical of his inclusion because on the surface he’s nothing more than a pretentious emo and poet with some horrendous tattoos. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how he fun he is to control, and about midway through the narrative I was fully invested in him and his personal journey thanks to the clever revelation of his identity.

He never says anything too memorable aside from his catchphrase about having no name and being only two-days-old, but his unique combat style makes his chapters more exciting than Nero’s. Granted, his moveset and combos are child’s play compared to Nero’s and especially Dante’s, but ordering about a Griffon and Shadow beast from afar, to then kill demons up close and personal is ridiculously satisfying. V is also the easiest of the three to get SSS ranks with thanks to the juggernaut Nightmare being an over-powered summon that annihilates everyone and everything.

The only real drawback for V is that he’s accompanied by a grating Griffon that reminds me too much of Iago from Aladdin. 

Dante – SSS

How could it not be Dante? He’s pretty much the heart and soul of the series, to the point where the only complaint I have with Devil May Cry 5 is that it takes over ten missions to finally play as its leading man. Not only is Dante charismatic and witty with his jibes and Michael Jackson homage, he’s also by far the most complex and rewarding combatant to control. His arsenal is ridiculous with a sword straight out of Soul Calibur, along with nunchucks, and a motorcycle literally split in half for him to ride and whack demons about with. Oh, and he can also defeat monsters by pulling off some slick breakdancing moves.

Despite V and Nero both being fun to play as in their own right, once you get your hands on Dante it’s upsetting when Capcom momentarily take him away and order you to play with their other anime figures. Dante has always been the star, and it’s impossible to foresee a pleasant future where he isn’t.

In news pertaining to Capcom, a Resident Evil 2 mod has pretty much turned the remake into Resident Evil 3, and a mod for Devil May Cry 5 adds the Japanese exclusive Devil Breaker, Monkey Business