Another Wayne’s World sequel could finally be on the cards in wake of recent events.

Wayne’s World is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic comedies of the nineties. Mike Myers was at the top of his game in 1992, treating audiences to the character of Wayne Campbell, a rocker with an infectious sense of humour. Honestly, the film remains a delight from start to finish and sweeps the viewer up in its celebratory nostalgia; Myers and co-star Dana Carvey – as Garth Algar – are a double-act for the ages. Could we see their passion for rock warrant another feature?

Since Wayne’s World 2 in 1993, Myers and Carvey have turned up every now and then in character to delight audiences. The most recent example of this was witnessed at the 91st Academy Awards, as the pair graced the stage to introduce the four-time Oscar winner Bohemian Rhapsody. As the duo began spouting often-recited lines like “we’re not worthy”,  we got to thinking: Is it time for another Wayne’s World sequel?

As their brief appearance proved, the two still share chemistry and the characters are still as cherished today as they have ever been. With so many belated sequels appearing today, it’s hard to think of a nineties comedy property more deserving of one than Wayne’s World. Fortunately, we could see it happen, as other stars of the film seem to think so too. As reported by ScreenRant, Tia Carrere – who played Cassandra Wong – is definitely on board with any potential sequels. When in conversation with Popcorn Talk, the actress was asked whether she’d be open to Wayne’s World 3; “Of course I would be on board,” she said enthusiastically. “Are you kidding?”

Seeing as Myers and Carvey appear happy to don the characters, it’s fair to say that there’s potential for a Wayne’s World sequel. As for narrative, we’d love to see what Wayne and Garth think about the current state of music and the fate of the stadium-rock band. We’d just love to see what they’re up to these days. The film could really offer insightful and comedic commentary on modern rock music and their ageing fans; with some cameos, of course. 

There would be so many fans of the films coming out to support a sequel, and in the current landscape of cinema, it may be the one that actually deserves a chance. Wayne’s World 3 could be “excellent”!

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