The pressure on Star Wars Episode IX has ramped up several notches today after comments made by one of the stars of the new trilogy.

Oscar Isaac, who plays the ace fighter pilot, Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, told the Today Show that Star Wars Episode IX would be a satisfying conclusion to the Star Wars Skywalker saga.

In the interview, Isaac said: “Nine stories, and this is the culmination of the [whole] thing, and I think what J.J.’s done, and really the whole Lucas team, is going to be incredibly fulfilling.”

It certainly sounds promising, Star Wars fans. 

However, Isaacs comments pile a hell of a lot more pressure on the film to succeed.

Director J.J. Abrams has perhaps the toughest job in the whole film industry in trying to end the much-loved Star Wars franchise in a satisfying and fulfilling manner.

Thankfully for Abrams, he’s already undertaken one of the toughest jobs in cinema when he helmed the galaxy-conquering Episode VII: The Force Awakens, welcoming a whole new generation of fans into the galaxy far, far away.

I think it’s safe to say that the $2 billion box office totals for that film are proof enough of his success.

What’s different this time though, is that following the fanbase-dividing Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, fans will be looking to Episode IX to redeem the franchise.

Abrams not only has to regain the trust of fans who felt let down by The Last Jedi but he has to satisfyingly conclude perhaps the biggest film saga in history. It’s certainly an unenviable task.

No pressure, J.J.