From Lil Peep to Slayer — music biopics we would love to see

Lil Peep

After Bohemian Rhapsody, we expect to see a surge in music biopics.

Often, music allows us to feel a personal connection to the artist. We take their music, their words and their personality and contextualise it within our own lives. Sometimes this offers comfort, empathy and other times it simply allows us to experience different headspaces with the added security of being able to return to our own. Music is inescapable; furthermore, certain artists are difficult to disregard. 

Over the years we have seen such acclaimed artists as Tupac Shakur and Freddie Mercury receive the biopic treatment. Bohemian Rhapsody went on to win four Academy Awards and has proved a huge success with audiences. Its box-office indicates that more is yet to come and audiences are already anticipating the arrival of Elton John biopic Rocketman. In the wake of this, we got to thinking. What music biopics would we love to see? Well, here's a few that came to mind. 

Lil Peep 

Many fans and critics feel that American rapper Lil Peep could have been the Kurt Cobain of his generation. It's a statement which initially seems absurd, but when one begins to sit and think it through, it actually holds considerable weight. Sadly, the singer was announced dead at the young age of 21 on November 15, 2017. Since then, he has grown in popularity with the release of his posthumous project, Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2.

The record is testament that the artist would have gone on to achieve much greater success. It provided fans with a much more substantial body of work than its predecessor; more insight into Peep's fragile interior and of course, more relatable material for a youth culture in worship of him. It's only a matter of time before a Lil Peep biopic gets announced, and hopefully, it deals with the artist's unfortunately short life with respect and depth. Such a role would be tough for an actor to approach, but surely worthwhile. 


An Oasis biopic would be fantastic, let's be honest. The only issue would be who to cast as the Gallagher brothers in their prime - we're sure Noel and Liam would see to it that they were a good fit. Their output is nothing short of monumental and, as characters, the brothers really leave an impression. Through it all, there has been drama, intrigue and great music. The ingredients for a satisfying music biopic are there. 

Recently, audiences were thrilled with the documentary Supersonic, which wonderfully chronicled their rise to unexpected stardom. It would definitely translate well to a dramatised feature-film and would make for a great comedy with the occasional emotionally-charged moment. This is one we imagine to see in the near future. 

The Replacements

 Alternative rock band The Replacements formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979 and helped change the course of popular music. They are incredibly influential, themselves rich in musical influence. Although very well-regarded, they're still not quite as commonly cited as one would think. 

The band's impact, experimentation and approach to their craft definitely warrant a biopic. With the right filmmaker at the helm, the project could chronicle the band from their origins, all the way from their debut studio album Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash, all the way up to their seventh and final record, All Shook Down. A biopic could really help capture and highlight the band's importance throughout the decade and help express how later music has been shaped by them. It's unlikely we'll get to see this one, but fans of The Replacements would rejoice if it was announced. 


Legendary thrash-metal band Slayer has one of the most admirable reputations throughout the entire genre. They belong to the big four - along with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth - and have cultivated a dedicated following since their formation in 1981. Since their origins, Slayer has been widely controversial and applauded in equal measure. In the group's music, nothing has ever been off limits and the members have always made sure that their public image addressed this. 

Reign in Blood, the band's third record and 1986 masterpiece, remains a bonafide classic and has gone on to influence a wide range of musicians. Although, knowledge of their impact during their heyday is pretty vague; it would be great to see a biopic tackle just how controversial and influential they were in the eighties, and how the culture which they helped to shape crowned them during this time. 

A Tribe Called Quest

In recent years, we have seen such hip-hop behemoths as 2Pac and N.W.A receive their own biopics. The former's - All Eyez on Me - was a critical bomb, but Straight Outta Compton was a commercial hit and impressed audiences and critics alike. Arguably, hip-hop is the dominant genre right now and there are so many wonderful musicians out there keeping it refreshing. However, there will always be respect for the classics, and it doesn't get more classic than A Tribe Called Quest

The nineties is often regarded as the golden age of hip-hop and one of the reasons for this is A Tribe Called Quest's unparalleled output. Both 1991's The Low End Theory and 1993's Midnight Marauders are absolute classics; just as potent and impressive today as they were upon release. The demand for their music has been maintained throughout the years, and their sixth studio album - 2016's We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service - was a huge success. Whether hip-hop or beyond, the collective's influence on popular music is immense, and a biopic would be a wonderful and entertaining celebration of their legacy. It's certainly a concept worth considering. 

There you have it. Of course, there are so many artists that we'd be happy to witness receive the biopic treatment. However, these particular artists just stand out, perhaps warranting a feature-film a little more. It all comes down to personal taste, but it's perhaps wise to predict that audiences would pay these projects attention if announced. So, here's to hoping the trend continues. 

In other news, can we finally confirm the plot of 3 From Hell?

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