"Days Gone" has the slickest menus since "Persona 5"

Days Gone 4

Days Gone has the most aesthetically pleasing and impressive menus after Persona 5.

Bend Studio’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone has received a lot of positive previews lately. Its open-world is HUGE and the developers have shared why it’s not another zombie game, and all of this has helped sway some people’s opinions of the Sons Of Anarchy x Walking Dead title as its impending release gets closer. Now PushSquare has uploaded a video which shows off the PlayStation 4’s second most stylish menus after Persona 5.

As seen in the video above, the menus for Days Gone are pretty fancy. The transitions are slick, the UI is simple, and it just looks gorgeous. It’s not terribly exciting for some, but a polished menu can be indicative of the developer’s attention to detail. You can swipe the touchpad in one of four directions to bring up a menu pertaining to story, skills, map, or inventory, and it all runs in 60 FPS on the PlayStation 4 pro. It’s not as striking as Persona 5’s menus, but its bleak palette matches the game’s atmosphere.

In other PlayStation news, a retailer has potentially leaked the release date for The Last Of Us Part 2, Sony has suggested they will focus on more multiplayer for the PlayStation 5, and the future of Atlus and Persona 5 will be covered at Sega Fes 2019.

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