One of the latest mods for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake lets you play as Disney’s latest marketing tool, Captain Marvel.

As if you’re not already sick of her bored face being plastered over every bus, billboard, and “controversial” article about “online trolls”, you can also play as Brie Larson’s stoic Captain Marvel in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake. That’s right, you can replace the likeable models Leon and Claire with Disney’s latest marketing tool and future cash-cow. How exciting.

The mod replaces Claire Redfield’s Military Outfit with the Captain Marvel suit, so you’ll need that DLC to make this work. The mod supports Captain Marvel’s helmet (or mask, whatever you want to call it), so you’ll have to say goodbye to Claire’s detailed face. You can download the mod by clicking here, but judging by the video below you probably won’t want to for more reasons than one. 

Other mods you might actually be interested in downloading for Resident Evil 2 include nude Claire, Ada Wong, and Leon, a beach boy outfit for Mr. X, a mod that turns Claire into a toxic gamer, and – because why the hell not – a mod that replaces the terrifying Mr. X with Thomas The Tank. This is clearly why the PC is the master race.

In other Resident Evil news, Capcom has revealed a new “jump-scare” enemy type that definitely should’ve made it into the remake, and the publisher is supposedly planning to launch a Nemesis remake before Resident Evil 8.