We all have trouble sleeping sometimes.

During busy or stressful periods, it’s normal for it to take a while to switch off at night or have a racing mind while you’re trying to get to sleep. But for some of us, getting a decent night’s rest is an ongoing challenge. Lots of us in the UK report having continued sleep problems that don’t go away on their own.

The benefits of sleeping well are well-documented, and the quality and quantity of our sleep is closely linked to our physical and mental health. After a good night’s rest we feel refreshed, sharper, and able to perform better at work, but the benefits of a decent sleep go beyond this. Sleep deprivation can harm every aspect of our wellbeing, from our ability to manage stress to our long-term risk of developing a range of physical health problems.

But most of us can improve our sleep by making a few changes to our routines, and addressing the things that are causing us sleepless nights, like worries about debt or stress. Establishing healthier sleep habits is an ongoing process, but there are some relatively simple things you can do to start getting better rest.

Once you’ve decided that getting more sleep is a priority, there is lots you can do. What works for one person might not work for another, so be prepared to trial a few different approaches to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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