They say all good things come to an end – and it’s our time. This is our last financial markets email.

Since 2001, HITC has brought financial news to hundreds of thousands of financial professionals around the world. Well, the financial market landscape – and HITC – has moved on.

GDPR and increased email filters has meant that we can no longer get the traction we once did in Financial Markets, so we are regrettably pulling out, especially as the financial markets piece now represents only a very small part of our business.

We want to thank each and every one of you who have clicked on our emails, consumed our financial markets content and engaged with us in a number of ways over a number of years. It was quite a ride from the boom and bust, the scandals, the impact of social media, the financial crisis and much more.

But HITC is still very much around – indeed, we are bigger and better than ever before, covering football, gaming and entertainment

We have also been busy building two successful You Tube channels, which have hundreds of thousands of subscribers:

HITC Sport

HITC Sevens

In addition, we own a number of other web properties, and are steadily growing the business. These are our most active non-HITC sites.

Reality Titbit, Elecspo, TRB Football, Rangers News, 67 Hail Hail, Hammers News, Seat Pitch, United In Focus, Geordie Boot Boys, Not The Old Firm, The Chelsea Chronicle, Sheffield United News and Rousing The Kop.

We are also working on several other websites that will be given a big push later this year.

So, although we may lose you as a consumer of financial markets news, we hope to keep you as a reader of our other websites and a viewer of our You Tube channels. But it’s a goodbye from HITC Financial Markets. 

Wishing you all the very best in the future.