"Anthem" PS4 fix for crashed consoles will come next week

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BioWare responds to the Anthem PS4 issues by saying that a patch will come within the next week.

A recent Anthem bug is currently causing problems for a lot of Anthem PS4 players. The glitch reportedly causes the console to crash, freeze or even bricks PS4 consoles in some cases. However, BioWare is now working on a fix for the current issues to release in next weeks Anthem PS4 patch.

Anthem PS4 errors - crashes, freezes, bricked consoles

We’re only a couple of weeks into the launch of BioWare’s new online game. However, PS4 players are already getting all kinds of issues.

In addition to connection errors and gameplay bugs, many players are experiencing full game crashes. The Anthem bugs have been brought up by many players across Twitter, Reddit, and online message boards.

Some report their console crashing or freezing, whereas some say their console will no longer power on. While a fix for the Anthem bug has been identified, many players are now avoiding the game to prevent further issues.

Anthem PS4 fix for crashes and bricked consoles

BioWare are now aware of the issues the game is causing and actively working on a patch. However, this will not come until next week.

The Head of Live Service for BioWare, Chad Robertson, claims the patch will fix the errors players currently face. However, he also says that the bug does not brick consoles and players should be able to fix this issue.

Players whose PS4 consoles will not respond are advised to manually power down the console and restart it. A Reddit post by u/katcher12 also identifies a way to potentially fix consoles which boot up to a black screen.

You must boot your console into Safe Mode by holding the power button on the console until you hear two beeps. It must be the power button on the console itself, you cannot boot the console into safe mode via the controller. Once in Safe Mode you should be able to select an option labeled "Rebuild Database". This will fix the issue.

Anthem refunds?

The various issues for Anthem players have led many to ask for refunds for the game.

While there were some previous reports of players getting full refunds from Sony, PlayStation UK has taken an official stance that the problems fall outside of its refund policy.

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