Is Mac DeMarco trolling indie kids with "Here Comes the Cowboy"?

Mac DeMarco performs live on stage during the first day of Lollapalooza Brazil at Interlagos Racetrack on March 23, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

New Mac Demarco album Here Comes the cowboy is officially on the way.

Indie kid icon Mac DeMarco is back with news of his fourth studio album, Here Comes the Cowboy. The artist's previous record - This Old Dog - in 2017 was very well received and saw his fanbase expand considerably. It's a terrific piece of work, and since, there has been a demand for new material. Now, we can rest assured that his next album is on the way; sadly, it's been met with fascinating controversy. At least that's one way to put. 

Along with news of a May 10, 2019 release date for Here Comes the Cowboy, DeMarco also dropped new song "Nobody" with an accompanying music video. Both the song and video are very typical of the artist, simply offering his fans more of what they love. However, fans haven't exactly sat back and relaxed with the music. Instead, they have been caught in conflict with fans of indie artist Mitski

What's all the fuss over? It's the album title. That and both albums feature a song called "Nobody". Mitski's previous record, Be the Cowboy, was one of the highlights of 2018 and solidified her an admirable fanbase. Both artists are rising in popularity and such a vague similarity extends to the titles of their recent albums; both have "cowboy" in the title. However harmless this may appear, it hasn't stopped some Mitski fans declaring that Mac DeMarco has copied Mitski. 

Is there a link? Could DeMarco just be trolling the indie kids? Of course not. Well, at least there's very little reason to believe so. The fact that such detail has spiralled into a debate is quite amusing and doesn't really make the artists' fanbases look very mature. Understandably, Mitski has felt the need to respond to the spectacle on Twitter: 

Honestly, it all seems like a total non-argument. The album titles are slightly similar and both feature a track called "Nobody" - the similarities between the works surely end there. It's difficult to think of a reason that either artist would want to copy one another, as it wouldn't really stir anything other than shallow comparisons. Both are wonderful musicians in their own right and boast their own sound. If anything, the mishap just reveals how petty devoted fanbases can be; perhaps overprotective is a better word.

It's fine to point out the insignificant similarities, but they shouldn't exactly affect how we anticipate DeMarco's record. Yet, there will undoubtedly be Mitski fans - much to her disapproval - who will look down at the forthcoming record for very little reason at all. Although Mitski has confirmed her humoured perspective, we're sure Mac DeMarco has had a chuckle over the whole affair. Let's just hope things don't escalate into something far more irritable for him. 

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