A user on Reddit has provided a possible solution used after Kingdom Hearts to fix PlayStation 4 consoles “bricked” by EA and BioWare’s Anthem.

EA and BioWare’s Anthem is a boring and incomplete slog, but what’s worse is that it’s apparently shutting down a bunch of people’s PlayStation 4 consoles. While I fortunately haven’t experienced any of the reported issues as I got rid of the massive downgrade after enduring it for 6-7 hours, Reddit has thankfully provided a possible remedy that was used for a similar fiasco involving Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix.

According to Reddit user Katcher12, Anthem is corrupting the PlayStation 4’s file management system instead of bricking Sony’s console. While currently inaccessible, all of your data should still be on the HDD or SSD and can be recovered by following the provided instructions:

“You must boot your console into Safe Mode by holding the power button on the console until you hear two beeps. It must be the power button on the console itself, you cannot boot the console into safe mode via the controller. Once in Safe Mode you should be able to select an option labeled “Rebuild Database”. This will fix the issue.”

Katcher12 warns that you should not select “initialise” as this option will completely wipe your HDD/SSD.

This isn’t a 100% guaranteed solution, but if it does work then I’d encourage you to discontinue playing Anthem in case any more severe damage is caused. However, while it’s easy to completely blame EA and BioWare for what has happened, Katcher12 does note that the exact same issue occurred for them with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix.

Anthem is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and there’s a direct comparison between the retail version and E3 2017 demo that shows it has been massively downgraded.