Christopher Nolan is back with a new film and it’s time to get… confused?

It is certainly arguable that Christopher Nolan is the most widely acknowledged filmmaker working today. When his films are released, they are absolutely essential viewing experiences, regardless of their subject matter. He has brought audiences The Dark Knight trilogy, Interstellar, Inception, Dunkirk, Memento and more -it’s hard to deny the impact of his body of work. His work is sure to inspire filmmakers of the future; along with Paul Thomas Anderson, he is destined for historical prominence.

Ever since the phenomenal Dunkirk hit screens in 2017, fans have been speculating the details of his next project. We have seen him tackle the noir, superhero genre, sci-fi, the war film and beyond. What could he do next? What should he do next? These are questions most of us have been asking for quite a while. However, a new possibility has been proposed.

News of Christopher Nolan’s next project has potentially begun to surface. It looks like we could be anticipating a romantic thriller from the English filmmaker. Production Weekly recently tweeted, stating that the film is set to begin filming in June. Perhaps most notably is the genre; “a romantic thriller” blending the tones of Inception and Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

If this was the case, then it would definitely be exciting news. Warner Bros. earlier announced that it would receive a July 2020 release date, but didn’t disclose any further details. Nolan could definitely work wonders with a romantic thriller, perhaps breaking through the boundaries of what we’d expect from such a venture. He has been described as Hitchcockian in the past and has clearly taken influence from the master of suspense. But, then again, who hasn’t been influenced by Hitchcock? It’s all a little too broad, and now we know why.

Platforms have since published that the information provided by Production Weekly is inaccurate. It hasn’t been specified which information, so it’s hard to know if we can take any of what was said as fact – perhaps it’s best not to. Nolan crafting a romantic thriller is plausible though, as, after all, he likes to pursue new things. Maybe the two films highlighted to capture the tone of the piece haven’t been mentioned and may be completely speculative. It’s hard to say, but it’s a shame to see the exciting news debunked so quickly. Any future project from Nolan is welcomed, but if the information is, in fact, completely false, then we’re patiently waiting for him to announce a western. We can dream…

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