"Anthem" bug causes crashes and bricked PS4 consoles

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An Anthem glitch is giving PS4 players crashes, freezes, and bricked consoles from playing the game. BioWare is currently addressing the issue.

BioWare’s latest online RPG is off to a bumpy start. Along with a slew of negative reviews, there’s now an Anthem bug which causes serious problems to PS4 consoles.

Players across Reddit, Twitter, and online message boards have brought the bug to BioWare and Sony’s attention. While some report the game freezing, crashing or rebooting, others state that the game has bricked their PS4 console, rendering it unusable.

PS4 Anthem bug causes consoles to crash, freeze or brick

Anthem came out for the PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Windows around a couple of weeks ago on February 22, 2019. However, PS4 players are already experiencing serious issues with the game.

Reddit user u/JamesPeterson91 said that his PS4 would no longer power on due to an issue with the game. Other users shared similar issues, with the post being upvoted by 15,700 users.

After about 5 hours of playing Anthem, my PS4 froze and crashed. After force restarting the console. It would not turn on no-matter what I did, the lights don't even come on and I cannot go into safe mode. What should I do? My PS4 warranty expired a long time ago.... Nobody seems to have put a fix out on this at least during my research.

Despite the issue, he said that PlayStation/Sony refused to fix the issue after he called them. A similar post in the r/Anthem subreddit by user u/TheMadTitanGuantlet also had the same issue.

My playstation has been completely bricked to the point of not even turning on because of Anthem. I'm not looking for any sympathy or anything. This post is mainly being made to warn people that this could potentially damage your console to the dreaded point of no return. I've been talking on the phone with Playstation support for a little over 2 hours now,but unfortunately theres nothing they can do (or nothing they're willing to do).

Many users across Reddit and Twitter are also getting similar issues. While PS4 consoles being bricked is the worst case, many others are getting crashes, freezes, and console reboots by playing.

How to fix Anthem PS4 bug

The issue has been brought to BioWare’s attention. However, with no real fix as of yet, it’s best for PS4 players to avoid playing the game until the issue is resolved.


As the bug becomes more widespread, refunds or fixes may become available to players whose consoles suffered from the bug.

So far, the bug seems to only affect PS4 consoles and not Xbox One or Windows PCs.

It’s been a rough start for Anthem. While the game had a lot of hype around it, it launched to mostly negative reviews. However, new patches and content may fix many of the issues players have with the game.

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