Direct comparison for “Anthem” shows why you shouldn’t trust E3 demos

EA Anthem E3 2017 Demo

EA and BioWare's Anthem is a huge downgrade from its E3 2017 demo.

EA and BioWare’s Anthem just continues to get worse. Compared to the recent news of it causing PlayStation 4 consoles to shut down, mine and pretty much everyone else’s complaints about it being a boring slog with terrible mission design and forgettable characters now seem like minor gripes. And, because EA and BioWare just can’t catch a break, a recent direct comparison video between the retail version and E3 2017 demo shows Anthem is a massive downgrade.

Uploaded onto YouTube by Nick930, the direct comparison is between the retail version and E3 2017 demo. Although the final open-world of Anthem is beautiful (albeit largely identical), there’s no denying we were sold a more ambitious title. You can look beyond minor changes such as the E3 open-world having more vegetation, but it’s hard to accept that the earlier design was livelier and dynamic.

As you can see in the video above, the lighting from the E3 2017 demo was way more impressive, and the open-world was unpredictable with there being random herds of stampeding animals. The Striders also moved in the E3 demo compared to the retail version where they just stand still, and there was also random encounters with beasts involving special animations.

However, while all of this is noticeable and disappointing, the downgrades in Fort Tarsis are far worse. In the E3 demo the market was way more cinematic and alive with its thriving population of people actually walking about, bumping into each other, and doing things, compared to the final version where they largely stand still and merely move their arms and hips. The amount of detail on the excluded character in the E3 demo was also more realistic and impressive compared to the generic Mass Effect face templates of Owen and all the other final characters.

Direct comparisons such as these emphasise why you shouldn’t trust E3 demos. Although they can occasionally be accurate with the car chase from Uncharted 4 being true to the retail version, a lot of time they are scripted exaggerations designed to make gamers pre-order a false product as quickly as possible.

In other news pertaining to EA, BioWare has suggested they are safe from EA’s axe.

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