With the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major now over, many teams will make big changes to improve their rosters going forwards.

There have already been some major CS:GO roster change rumors. While things may fall through, it’s likely we’ll see some significant transfers in the next few weeks. Here are some of the post-major CS:GO roster change rumors.

sunNy to Cloud9?

Shortly after flusha leaves Cloud9 and Golden returns, it seems C9 may undergo yet another change.

The team let go of their latest pickup, Zellsis, despite him having some decent performances with the struggling roster.

However, it seems they’ll go for a much bigger player. The latest rumor is that sunNy will be Cloud9’s new fifth player, according to an HLTV report. The Finn was one of the top players of 2018, but with mousesports now in tatters, C9 could be a beneficial move for both him and the team.

Karrigan and Frozen to mousesports?

With ChrisJ and sunNy now out of mousesports, the team will need to make some serious signings.

One of these could David ‘frozen’ Čerňanský, the 16-year-old Slovakian prodigy. His current team, NoChance, made a Tweet to hint they’ll soon let him go.

A dexerto report also claims that Karrigan is close to signing with mousesports. This move makes perfect sense since the team will need a new IGL to give them structure and direction.

NEO Stands In for Heroic

In a surprising move, Heroic announced that AcilioN will be benched and NEO will stand-in for him.

This announcement comes one night before the team is set to play at the ECS Season 7 Europe Pinnacle Cup. The team will have no time to practice with their new roster, which makes it questionable why they’d make such a significant change.

With NEO now without a team, it’s possible he could permanently take the reins of Heroic.

Other Moves – AdreN, Zellsis, ChrisJ?

With so many roster changes in the works, many players will also be left without a team.

While Zellsis is now out of Cloud9, his time with the team will definitely open up doors for the player. It seems he may now rejoin Swole Patrol.

AdreN’s time with FaZe Clan is uncertain, especially as the team needs a solid IGL. If the roster decides to kick him, they may decide to go for a player such as ChrisJ or even pay big money for someone like valde.

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