The trailer for "Game of Thrones" season 8 is here! But is it necessary?

Night King on Throne game of thrones

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is nearly upon us and HBO have just released a trailer teasing the new series

With little over a month until the eighth and final season of HBO's Game of Thrones, we've finally got a proper trailer!

HBO unveiled the new trailer completely out of the blue and you can watch it below.

The trailer is sure to get fans of the series hyped up for the impending release of the final season of the hit show.

The tension has never been this palpable and the stakes have never been higher. We catch glimpses of all the show's remaining characters and finish with an eerie shot of Winterfell, about to be attacked by the army of the dead!

It's surely going to send fans wild but did we really need the trailer? 

Game of Thrones: Night King

The idea of film and TV trailers is essentially the same as a TV advert. They're intended to raise awareness of a product and to persuade you to buy or watch what it's advertising.

Most films and TV shows spend a huge portion of their budget purely marketing themselves so that audiences tune in or visit the cinema.

However, Game of Thrones, and by extension films like Star Wars or The Avengers, are not like most other films or TV shows.

As some of the most popular entertainment entities ever created, the need to advertise them doesn't really exist.

Every man and his dog has seen Game of Thrones at this point and even the world's canine population knows that the final series of Game of Thrones is upon us in a few week's time.

It's for that reason that the new season doesn't need a trailer in the traditional sense.

All HBO had released until today is this short teaser...

It offers nothing of note really aside from some audio clips of poignant moments in the show so far and season 8's release date. That's all it needed to do.

Trailers often come under criticism for showing off too much of the film or TV show they're advertising, so what if Game of Thrones and HBO took on that advice to the extreme and didn't show us anything of the new series until it airs in April?

It'd be refreshing to go into the new series knowing absolutely nothing about the events that are about to unfold. Sadly HBO disagree.

Most fans of the show simply needed a release date and a TV and they'll sit down and watch, so why risk spoiling even a second of the final season?

Game of thrones Drogon And Jon

With five weeks until the final season, it was almost inevitable that HBO snuck out a trailer.

But wouldn't it have been fitting for the unconventional show to break tradition one more time and leave us with little more than posters until the show's April 14 release date?

Night King on Throne game of thrones

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