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New “Game of Thrones” posters released to tease new season

With the final season of the hit HBO show just over a month away *ahhhh*, the show’s social media accounts went into overdrive last week as a number of character posts were released to tease the upcoming season.

The posters showcase the show’s remaining cast, each one of them taking a seat on the infamous Iron Throne.

Steven Spielberg hits out at Netflix

As more and more films from Netflix, notably Roma and Mudbound are earning awards recognition, the acclaimed director has hit out at the streaming service.

According to Collider, Spielberg claimed that: “I don’t believe films that are just given token qualifications in a couple of theaters for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination.” 

However, with the streaming giant showing no signs of slowing down, is Steven Spielberg right?

Frank Grillo joins cast for “Hitman’s Bodyguard” sequel

Frank Grillo, who has appeared in Marvel’s MCU as Crossbones in the Captain America movies: The Winter Soldier and Civil War, has joined the cast of The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

Grillo, who is set to play an Interpol agent, will join the first film’s Ryan Reynold and Samuel L. Jackson in the action comedy sequel.

Rebel Wilson’s “Isn’t It Romantic” is out now on Netflix

Rebel Wilson’s latest film, Isn’t It Romantic, was released on the Netflix streaming service last week. 

Wilson plays a rom-com-sceptic and her character ends up in her own worst nightmare when – after a severe bang on the head – she wakes up in a cliché-filled rom-com of her own.

Tom Cruise’s “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel is back in development 

2014’s Edge of Tomorrow had a rocky reception upon its release that saw the film subtitled ‘Live. Die. Repeat.’ post-release. 

However, it was successful enough for the sci-fi action equivalent of Groundhog Day to earn itself a sequel.

Just like 2014’s first film, development of the sequel has been a turbulent affair but it was confirmed over the weekend that the film is now back in active development. 

Is the sequel really necessary?

Will Smith will not appear in “Suicide Squad” sequel

Despite being one of the few high points in 2016’s Suicide Squad, Will Smith will not be returning as sharp-shooting assassin Deadshot in its 2021 sequel.

The reason for Smith’s absence, according to Variety, is simply due to scheduling issues and that the decision for him to miss the sequel was made amicably.

Could James Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel be in trouble?

How to Train Your Dragon” tops US box office

The third and likely final instalment in the dragon training series has blown away competition in the US box office race. After a hugely impressive US opening weekend total of $55 million, the Dreamworks animation has now earned a staggering $375 million worldwide.

However, the film has some way to go to match its predecessors. The second dragon training film raked in over $600 million, so The Hidden World has a long way to go to match that.

Other box office numbers 

After a poor start to life at the cinema for The Lego Movie 2, the brick-based animation is floundering on a $152 million. The Lego sequel suffered a poor opening weekend and has struggled to gain the momentum its predecessor enjoyed.

Alita: Battle Angel also suffered on its domestic opening weekend. However, the James Cameron produced film has succeeded well enough worldwide to earn just over $350 million.

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