The development team behind Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake have revealed some of the game’s terrifying scrapped concepts involving the “Condemned”.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake is probably the best game of the year so far despite having some minor drawbacks fans refuse to admit, and in another roundtable discussion the team responsible for Leon and Claire’s voyage through the land of the dead have revealed some terrifying concepts that were unfortunately scrapped.

In addition to discussing the initial military-themed aesthetic for Mr. X (a.k.a. the Tyrant), the developers also revealed a new “jump-scare” enemy type that never progressed beyond temp design and animation. Called the “Condemned”, the skinny and terrifying left-over experiments shown in the concept art below would’ve tied into the remake’s orphanage. With the orphanage section containing horrifying letters about the experiments without showing anything, it’s slightly disappointing that Capcom scrapped their inclusion.

Other scrapped ideas include a rough concept for a driving sequence, a scenario involving cable cars descending from the mountains, and a more fleshed-out sequence with the infected alligator.

In other Capcom and Resident Evil 2 news, there’s a mod for Claire that is entirely relatable, and Chinese vendors have been selling the remake as Plants Vs. Zombies to avoid unwanted attention from the government.