The Labour Press Team rejected Liam Fox’s suggestion on Andrew Marr’s show this morning that the UK should import chlorinated chicken post-Brexit.

Chlorinated chicken has become a dividing line between both main parties’ post-Brexit vision for trade, as Labour has rejected Liam Fox’s argument that chlorinated chicken may be imported into the UK

Labour also tweeted their disapproval at Mr. Fox’s refusal to rule out importing hormone beef

The Labour Press Team tweeted the following after the International Trade Secretary was interviewed on Andrew Marr this morning: 

Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner also tweeted his disapproval at the Tory politician’s suggestion that the UK may import these goods following a US-UK trade deal: 

The International Trade Secretary told Marr he cannot commit to importing those goods until the negotiations with the US commence, refusing to rule out the possibility. 

Mr. Fox said he wanted to avoid a delay to Brexit: 

The International Development Secretary discussed with the BBC Sunday Morning presenter as to whether many of the EU’s pre-existing trade deals would apply to the UK after March 29th: