Jordan Peele's "Us" raises the stakes for horror cinema

Us dir. Jordan Peele 2019

Jordan Peele's new film Us eyes great success ahead of March release date.

Horror fans are highly anticipating Jordan Peele's Us, which is set to release later this month on March 22, 2019. The filmmaker's directorial debut - 2017's Get Out - was perhaps the critical, audience and box-office success story of that year; a film which expanded the ideas of the genre. It absolutely demanded to be seen, as does his 2019 sophomore effort. 

It's easily one of the most anticipated films of 2019. Billed as a spiritual sequel to Get Out, we can expect Peele to creatively comment on themes of race whilst offering horror fans an original, stimulating vision of terror. The film centres on a family who are plagued by their doppelgängers during summer vacation. It looks like his follow-up piece is not only set to be as thought-provoking as his first but also just as successful. Or as estimated, even more so... 

Deadline reports that Us is predicted to earn between $35-40 million domestically within its first three days. If this offers an accurate estimation, it will top Get Out's first-three-day domestic box-office, which was $33.3 million. So, we may see Us make even more than Peele's previous film, which was made for an estimated $5 million and earned a worldwide gross of $255,457,364. It made box-office history and we could now see Peele confirmed as one of the most bankable horror filmmakers working today. We honestly hope this is the case. 

The horror genre has rewarded audiences with some notable, intelligently constructed horror hits in recent years such as It Follows, A Quiet Place and Hereditary. It looks like Us may just rise to tower above them as one of the most financially successful horror films of the decade. 

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