Chuka Umunna now has a new addition in his office- a Tigger toy.

Tigger has bounced his way into Chuka Umunna’s office

The Independent Group MP posted a photo of his Tigger toy on Instagram, referring to him as a new addition to the office:

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He used the beloved Winnie the Pooh character to play on the Independent Group’s new nickname, the TIGgers

The photo scored hundreds of likes and dozens of comments. 

The newly-formed political party has called on the Prime Minister to take ‘the necessary steps now’ for a People’s Vote on Brexit. 

They tabled a Commons amendment to try and achieve their aim. If they succeed, Theresa May would have to table a motion for debate before March 8th. 

11 of the 12 Independent Group MPs recently made headlines after they were caught enjoying a Nando’s before a Commons vote