Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren released a video of her talking to a teacher who donated to her campaign.

Elizabeth Warren made education one of her central aims Tuesday as she promised a brighter future for America’s children. 

She used a video she posted on Instagram of a conversation the Democratic hopeful had on the phone with a teacher she called to launch her latest campaign pledge:

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In the video, the teacher, named Sophie, is discussing with Ms Warren her anxieties about making a living in the US and her fears for America’s children. 

Ms Warren said she would make democracy work again for everyone, not just for the few

According to the Democratic Senator, Sophie then donated $25 to her campaign

The Massachusetts Senator told MSNBC she is distancing herself from the Republicans who win with ‘wealthy donors’ and is instead urging individuals to donate to her campaign by calling them.

During a Senate hearing Tuesday, Ms Warren hit the headlines after accusing the Fed chief, Jerome Powell, of indulging in ‘closed door’ deals that lead to big banks merging.