Rotten Tomatoes cancels user comments after “Captain Marvel” controversy

Captain Marvel: Suited and booted Captain Marvel

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has changed its user review policy after the recent trolling of “Captain Marvel.”



With Captain Marvel due for full release any day now, movie reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has taken steps to ensure that the recent controversy in its comments section is not ignited for the second time.

Not content with simply removing violent and misogynistic comments from users, following those directed at the latest Marvel release and its star, Brie Larson, Rotten Tomatoes has cancelled unofficial pre-release comments from its users to avoid a repeat of the incident — with this film or any other.

The move will likely be celebrated in most forward-thinking quarters, while darker corners of the 4chan-frequenting internet — where an obsession with the misconception that “freedom of speech” means freedom to say whatever you want to whomever you want without consequences — will be up in arms about the dangers of “censorship.”

While the shift itself seems positive, removing the potential for unsavoury trolling, some are suggesting the change in ranking system calls into question the validity of the platform as a whole: asking “why now?” in concerns about Disney influence and “how has this affected the scoring system previously?” when it comes to the thousands of previously scored films before the change.

There are, it’s fair to say, valid questions here about studio influence, neutrality and the validity of a trusted and widely used source — but those are likely to be drowned out by frustrated trolls with other, less democratic agendas. Which really only provides a more compelling arguemnt for Rotten Tomatoes’ decision.

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