We all feel stressed at times.

Some degree of stress is inevitable, and it’s actually useful in small doses, helping us rise to challenges and achieve goals.

But it’s important you learn to manage stress so it doesn’t begin controlling you. Too much of it can undermine your health and wellbeing, and while you can’t always avoid the things that stress you out, you can change how you respond to them.

Recognising how you respond when you’re faced with stressful situations is your first step to improving how you manage it. We’ve created a guide that helps you recognise its symptoms and causes, and provides you with practical, effective ways to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Once you’ve read the guide, take our Stress Check, which has been designed by health professionals to help you find out how stress is affecting you. Once you’ve answered some questions about how you’re feeling, it’ll give you some personalised advice on how to improve the way you manage stress.

The Bank Workers Charity exists to support the health and wellbeing of current and former bank workers and their families. Find out more about recognising and managing stress.