Peter Farrelly’s Best Picture win for Green Book is the most divisive Academy Awards win in years.

The 91st Academy Awards are now behind us but the discussion waged in their wake is anything but over. Many expected the coveted award for Best Picture to go to Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, which earned up accolades for Best Director, Cinematography and Foreign Language Film. However, Best Picture was awarded to Peter Farrelly’s Green Book, which also picked up wins for Best Supporting Actor and Original Screenplay. 

It was a strong contender for Best Picture earlier on in the race but its proposed success was swiftly threatened with controversy. The film depicts real-life musician Dr. Don Shirley – portrayed by Mahershala Ali – but his family opposed his depiction, their restricted lack of input regarding the project and their minimal recognition in wake of the film. It has also been accused of oversimplifying race relations, characters depicted and has since been labelled “Oscar bait” by many. Of course, there are many who thoroughly appreciated Farrelly’s film – after all, it won Best Picture. It is a film which has the power to appeal to many, and evidently, the power to anger many. 

Farrelly’s acceptance speech was incredibly tense and it was obvious that much of the audience was in shock and speaking amongst themselves in whispers. Give it a watch below:

However, his speech went rather well in comparison to the Press Room speech after the film’s win. As expected, the press had a lot of questions for Farrelly and his close team – not all of these questions were going to prove pleasant. Hopefully, the negative atmosphere of the interview hasn’t dulled Farrelly’s pride in his achievement. Sadly, it’s clear to see that he’s less than impressed with certain questions:

Arguably, the film has already gone on to become the most divisive Best Picture winner since 2004’s Crash and the divide is only set to expand. There were many surprises on the night but it seems that Green Book has completely stolen the spotlight; will it be resolved anytime soon? Absolutely not.

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