Female Joker for "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" and "Persona 5 R"?

Persona 5 Dancing In Starlight Joker Drag Costume

Atlus could be preparing to unleash a female Joker for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Persona 5 R.

After Nintendo’s recent Direct event confirmed that Atlus and Persona 5’s Joker will be joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate very soon, a datamine seemingly leaked that the arena for The Phantom Thieves’ leader will be Mementos. Following this, there has also been hints that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have a female Joker, which would presumably tie into the mysterious Persona 5 R.

As you can see in the tweet above, there is a reference to “Jack” (Joker’s codename for Super Smash Bros.) that is very interesting. The string of code in Super Smash Bros.' files includes “Jane” and “pony_hairSystem”, which could imply there’s a female Joker with a ponytail.

If Persona 5 R is an extension similar to Persona 4: Golden, a female variant would be a welcome addition. Persona 3 Portable included the option to play as a girl, so a female protagonist isn’t something that would be alien to the franchise.

In other Atlus news, the voice actress of Rin has responded to controversial leaks for Catherine: Full Body about her character’s identity and the new endings.

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