Batman Arkham devs are preparing to market a "very high profile" game

Batman Arkham Knight Batman Face

Rocksteady Studios, the developers responsible for the Batman Arkham series, are preparing a trailer for a "high very profile, triple-A game franchise".

Since Batman: Arkham Knight turned out to be a colossal disappointment with the Arkham Knight being nothing more than a whiny Robin, we haven’t heard much – if anything – about Rockstady Studios next game. Sure, there’s a been a boatload of teases, but the studio has rejected the rumours about them working on a Superman game, and Warner Bros. Montreal appear to be the ones creating the next entry in the Batman Arkham series. Still, although we know next to nothing about what Rocksteady is building, they appear to be preparing for an official announcement.

Rocksteady Studios’ website has job openings for the following marketing positions: lead brand artist, senior user researcher, and promo artist (video). The job duties for the lead brand artist includes ensuring consistency across “key art, trailers, screenshots, promo art, metadata, behind-the-scenes content, and packaging”. Meanwhile, the video promo artist is responsible for creating “very high quality” trailers that include “a combination of captured gameplay footage, composited 3D and special effects.” This trailer will apparently be an important part of the marketing campaign for “a very high profile, triple-A game franchise.”

“A very high profile, triple-A game franchise” does suggest that Rocksteady’s next game isn’t an original property. However, with Warner Bros. Montreal appearing almost bound to be the makers of the rumoured Batman Arkham Crisis, it’s impossible to predict what exactly Rocksteady’s next “franchise” will be. Could they have been lying to us all this time about them not working on a Superman game? Fortunately we probably won’t have to wait too long to find out as E3 2019 seems the most likely destination for them to reveal their newest project.

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