A recent dig into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s files most likely confirms the arena stage for Atlus and Persona 5’s Joker.

After being announced as a DLC combatant at Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards, we now know thanks to Nintendo’s Direct that Atlus and Persona 5’s Joker is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime before April. The only downside of Nintendo’s Direct is that we only saw glimpses of The Phantom Thieves’ leader rather than any gameplay showcasing his arsenal, versality or stage. However, a recent datamine has likely confirmed that Joker’s stage will be the labyrinth of train tracks, Mementos.

As you can see in the tweet above, Twitter user @DrHypeCake has been digging through Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s files and uncovered Jack_Menentoes. With Joker’s internal name being Jack, this likely confirms that Mementos will be his stage.

If true, then it’s not too surprising. None of the Palaces in Persona 5 would have made any sense as they’re unique representations of distorted hearts, meanwhile Mementos is a labyrinth for millions of tainted sinners.

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