Johnny Mercer MP zooms through Washington DC for meetings with politicians and military personnel on an electric scooter.

Johnny Mercer MP has grabbed social media’s attention after he posted a video of him zooming through Washington DC on an electric scooter. 

The Plymouth MP is visiting the Capitol for meetings with congressmen and military personnel

The video rode his way to thousands of views on Instagram

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 One user commented: ‘Looks like good fun!’ 

Another said: ‘Wow, just wow.’ 

The Tory MP even inspired one Instagram user to go and buy one. 

The Conservative MP was travelling to a meeting with US politicians, where he gave a speech on how to meet the future challenges politics is facing on both sides of the Atlantic. A Republican congressman from Texas, Dan Crenshaw, and Seth Moulton, the Democratic representative for Massachusetts, were both in attendance: 

 He Mercer visited Marine Base Quantico, the home of the United States Marine Corps, and met with personnel from the Wounded Warrior Regiment to learn about how they deliver best practice in the US military

 Mr. Mercer also observed the Vietnam War Memorial in the Capitol: 

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The Conservative MP sits on the Defence Committee and served in the Royal Artillery from 2003-2013, where he held the ranks of lieutenant and captain.