Disney worlds that would have been better for "Kingdom Hearts 3"

Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 2

The Disney worlds Square Enix should have chosen for Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of the ones we got.

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 is a pretty good game. It has its moments with the attractions that make you want to go to Disneyland, along with the incredible graphics that effortlessly mirror the Disney films, but there's also a lot of drawbacks that stop it from being the series' definitive entry. While I could harp on about Kairi being an insufferable parody of Princess Peach who devalues the notion of being a Guardian of Light, fans have mostly been critical of the Disney worlds Square Enix chose to have Sora enter and leave without contributing anything. 

Although my ranking of the Disney worlds will tell you that none of the levels are terrible (aside from 100 Acre Wood and Monstropolis), a lot of fans have been disappointed with Toy Story, Big Hero 6, and even Pirates Of The Caribbean. So, because I'm an entitled buffoon who also wishes he was at Square Enix's meeting to confirm the Disney worlds to use in Kingdom Hearts 3, I've decided to briefly discuss the movies that would have been better alternatives for the select levels fans found underwhelming. 

Kingdom Of Corona, Arendelle, and Olympus are not included because they were perfectly fine, nor is 100 Acre Wood because it was a pointless abomination that makes me wish Fahrenheit 451 was real (I'm not going to treat it as a proper Disney world ever again).  

The Great Mouse Detective instead of Toy Story 

Tetsuya Nomura said that he wouldn't have made Kingdom Hearts 3 if he wasn't given permission to use any of the Pixar properties, but his warning was undoubtedly impetuous as Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. were two of the most disappointing levels. The characterisations of Woody and Buzz were uncanny with the astronaut wrongfully being portrayed as the apprehensive toy who has a sick obsession with his owner Andy, and the Galaxy Toy Store was an uninspired playground that should have had more toys to interact with. Oh, and surprisingly an alternate universe didn't suit Toy Story at all. 

Although being mistaken for an action figure from a game aching to Final Fantasy was ingenious, if Square Enix so badly wanted to make Sora, Donald, and Goofy tiny then they should have had them in the world of The Great Mouse Detective. Sora and co. being rodents would have been a more startling transformation than simply turning into Play Arts Kai figures from the Square Enix store, and it would have been nice to return to a gigantic London as a minuscule critter. And no, I'm not just saying this because I'm a British hooligan who wants to see more crooked teeth and a portrayal of the Queen as a disgusting mammal. 

The Incredibles instead of Big Hero 6 

Big Hero 6 wasn't bad, but The Incredibles would have been a better property for Square Enix to use as a way of indulging society's sick obsession with colourful men and women draped in leotards and capes. Syndrome would have been an appropriate antagonist for Sora to berate about the darkness and hearts as the ginger Jimmy Neutron became a baddie as a result jealousy and loneliness, and it would have been neat to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy outfitted in costumes straight out of a golden age comic book. 

However, more than anything else, The Incredibles would have been a perfect property for Square Enix to adapt because they're an actual family rather than a bunch of misfits who always get along. It would have been refreshing for Sora to mingle with a realistic family that have their issues but still love each other, as the good guys in Kingdom Hearts 3 are all saints who have their heads up each others' butts. Plus, it might have been a good way for Sora to actually acknowledge that he has a mum who is still waiting for him to come out of his bedroom for dinner. 

ANYTHING other than Monsters, Inc.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Inc

Monstropolis was a level that went on forever. It offered nothing but recycled halls, it was ultimately an escort mission for a drooling nuisance who said nothing but the word "kitty", and it never took advantage of the incredible fact that each door leads to an entirely different world. So, in essence, ANYTHING else would have been significantly better than a world that was always destined to fail thanks to it taking place in a hell hole factory filled with disgruntled employees who dream about killing their boss.

If I had to give examples, I would say that Lilo And Stitch, Robin Hood, and The Emperor's New Groove would have all been fine replacements. But - in short - anything else would have been better.

Peter Pan instead of Pirates Of The Caribbean 

Pirates Of The Caribbean was the best Disney world in Kingdom Hearts 3. It played like the only good Assassin's Creed game Black Flag, it was the most ambitious with its size and mini islands, and Sora wanting to be a captain was adorable. Still, while it had excellent combat and an epic boss battle involving the greatest mythical beast of all time the Kraken, there were a bunch of missed opportunities and inconsistencies with the story. Davy Jones was a thinner than paper antagonist whose tragic backstory was never touched upon, the chest containing Davy Jones' heart wasn't the black box Organization XIII were seeking, and Tia Dalma - despite what she whispered - didn't need Sora and his keyblade to awaken Calypso. 

While I merely have a few issues with the world's narrative and its handling of the underrated Davy Jones, there's a ton of Kingdom Hearts fans who simply wish Sora and his lackeys didn't pay a visit to an Elizabeth who - although greatly resembles Keira Knightley - sounds like an eighty-year-old woman who smoked too many cigarettes in her youth. Even though everyone would undoubtedly replace the world with Treasure Planet, I'm going to go against the grain by arguing for Neverland.

Neverland would have been a beautiful and large island for us to explore, and swimming with mermaids and a ticking alligator would have been better than always fighting Heartless that resemble eels. Peter Pan's refusal to grow up would have also provided an opportunity for us to fully realise how much Sora has aged, and a character like Wendy would have been interesting to speak to as she could have provided commentary about the war she knows about from back home. 


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