From Gotham to South America.

He might have hung up the cape recently, but Ben Affleck is once again taking retribution of his own, albeit with no mask this time. 

In the first trailer for J.C. Chandor’s Triple Frontier, a Netflix production, Affleck’s character is roped back into covert work when his friend (Oscar Isaac) comes calling. Alongside old acquaintances Charlie Hunnam, Garret Hedland and Pedro Pascal, the military veterans reunite to rob a South American drug lord, with the plan spiralling out of control. 

The general premise is fairly stripped-back, making it all the more surprising that the trailer focuses quite heavily on it. Unless there’s some hidden twists and turns, the plot seems fairly routine and predictable, with the preview not leaving much to the imagination. 

Chandor, whose filmography includes Margin Call, All Is Lost and A Most Violent Year, has already proved himself to be an accomplished filmmaker, but this certainly looks his most accessible work to date. The cinematography and sound design look to be of the highest quality, but the film looks like a mesh between Sicario and Zero Dark Thirty

The latter link makes sense, with Mark Boal co-writing the screenplay with Chandor. You’ll find out how similar they are when Triple Frontier premieres on Netflix on March 13, which follows a limited physical release in the previous week. To gain your own impressions of Triple Frontier, watch the trailer below. 

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