The voice actress for Rin in Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body has responded to the controversial leaks pertaning to her character’s identity and a new ending.

Oh, if only Atlus released Catherine: Full Body worldwide simultaneously we wouldn’t have to deal with earth-shattering spoilers that reveal all the juicy details pertaining to the game’s ingenious but completely whacky narrative. If you’re looking forward to Atlus’ remake and don’t want to know anything about the new endings or waifu routes, don’t proceed any further as there are major spoilers incoming. You’ve been warned.

Major spoilers beyond this point:

Recently there was leaked footage on Reddit that revealed Rin belongs to a pink alien race that massively resembles the Hollywood cash-cows, Minions. Well, according to a forum on ResetEra, this isn’t the only leak pertaining to Rin and the remake’s new conclusions. Many people have expressed their concerns about Atlus’ supposed handling of Rin as transgender would be insensitive, and apparently there’s another “good ending” that is “transphobic”. ResetEra user HylianSeven describes one of the endings for choosing Catherine:

“Catherine does not explicitly state anything about “making everyone’s lives better”, however that is heavily implied. She wanted to be with Vincent under different circumstances. She took him back in time and dated him in high school, and they go on to get married years later, in the time when the game’s events would have taken place in that timeline. At the wedding, almost everyone else’s lives are improved. Paul, the guy that died at the beginning of the game in both this version and the original, is alive and dating Katherine. They are happy. Vincent and Catherine are happy together. Erica for some reason has not transitioned in this timeline, and we do not know if she will in this timeline. Tobey says that he wish he met a girl like that, referring to Catherine, and Erica (pre-transition) puts her arm around him and says “She may be closer than you think”, as a “joke” about her having transitioned and dating Tobey in the other timeline.”

HylianSeven also sheds light on the identity of Rin so the footage of her and Vincent surrounded by an army of pink minions now has context:

“Rin is male but a crossdresser, and ends up in Vincent’s bedroom and he discovers Rin has a penis. He freaks it and slaps Rin’s hand away and she runs off. Now the issue here is that they are going with the “trans panic” route, implying Rin was trying to trick him. Rin is also in fact an angel, but angels look like these pink minion-like creatures.”

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Thanks to these leaks which could still be mistaken readings with the game only being available in Japanese, EVO commentator David Broweleit has said on Twitter he “is quitting Catherine” because of severe transphobia.

In response to the backlash and concerns about Atlus’ handling of sensitive gender issues, Rin’s voice actress Brianna Knickerbocker has responded by saying people shouldn’t judge the narrative until the game is finally released.

Since the leak and hoopla, fans have rallied behind Atlus by insisting that the supposedly poor and transphobic handling of Erica is taken out of context. Regardless of what you think of the controversy, Atlus is one of the best developers around and they should be given the benefit of doubt until the final product is released. 

Atlus will likely address the controversy before Catherine: Full Body reaches the west on September 3 for the PlayStation 4 only. If you still want to experience the weirdest romantic horror in existence (and you really should), then you can pre-order it here.

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